Speed, Aesthetics, and Innovation: The F1 Approach to World-Class Design

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May 27, 2023

When you think of Formula 1, what comes to mind? The roaring engines, the blazing speeds, or the thrill of the race? As a designer, what fascinates me is the mesmerizing interplay of form, function, and aesthetics that define the sport’s identity. It’s like a symphony of design elements that come together to create a spectacle like no other, and it serves as a source of inspiration in my work.

In the world of Formula 1, every line, curve, and color serves a purpose. The cars are meticulously designed to handle the intense demands of the track while maintaining a sleek, aggressive aesthetic. It’s a testament to the power of design, and its ability to achieve both functional and aesthetic brilliance.

The Art of Branding in Formula 1

The aesthetic appeal of Formula 1 extends beyond the cars to the sport’s overall branding. In 2017, Formula 1 underwent a rebrand to signal a new era and reposition the sport as a global media and entertainment brand. The rebrand included a new logo, typography, and brand behaviors.

The rebranding campaign also introduced a new tagline, “Engineered Insanity,” which encapsulated the thrill and excitement of Formula 1.

Brilliance of Function and Form

Formula 1 is a prime example of how design and aesthetics can create a powerful brand experience. The meticulous attention to detail in the car design, the strategic approach to branding, and the creativity used to engage fans are all elements I strive to incorporate in my work. Just as every part of a Formula 1 car serves a purpose in achieving maximum speed and performance, every element in a design project should serve a purpose in communicating the brand’s message and connecting with its audience.

Just like a Formula 1 car, a well-designed brand is aerodynamic. It cuts through the noise of the market, efficiently reaching its target audience, and leaving a memorable impression. This is the power of design. This is the power of branding.


The aesthetics of Formula 1 inspire me to strive for this balance in my work, creating designs that are not only visually stunning, but also strategically effective.

In the world of design, just as in the world of Formula 1, the race never ends. There’s always a new challenge to tackle, a new problem to solve, and a new finish line to cross. And just like a Formula 1 driver, I’m always ready for the next race. Let’s do a Grand Prix together!

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